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The blockchain "chain" block is a safe universal registry, shared by all the parties that operate within a given distributed computer network. Records and stores all the transactions that take place within the network without the need for third-party.

It 'a distributed database, a decentralized ledger and cryptographically secure, the transactions that took place, anyone can download it from the web, Making it a network node. So you can trade electronically, together with fractions of bitcoin, information and properties, not just so for payment or exchange of goods and services, but any other form of cooperation between the parties. For this you can offer these services because scoring is like a register in which are recorded all transactions made in Bitcoin since 2009, transactions are automatically approved by 50% 1 of the nodes. That it is virtually impossible to alter any information contained therein including the posting date.,it

With blockchain can be recorded indelibly, not modifiable, secure and distributed all types of digital data, a contract, an ownership certificate, sensitive data, etc.,it

Transactions traveling on the network and are recorded in blockchain in encrypted form, validate the digital signature of the originator of the transaction. In this way the identity of those who have generated a transaction is public, but it is not the nature of the transaction. The immutability of the recording in blockchain is guaranteed by a 256-bit hash coding, ie the mapping of the variable-length block content in a fixed 256-bit sequence that is copied in the next block. In this way, the attempt to edit a block makes invalids tuti subsequent blocks, and that version of blockchain is automatically deleted from the network. Since the integrity of blockchain is constantly controlled by all nodes in a blockchain manipulated it will not be validated by the system, so it's the state of things unassailable.,it

  • Services related to payments and transactions outside the banking channels.

  • Services related to the service of legal documents and thunderstorms authentications.

  • Services for authentication of property records

  • With bitcoinAnd blockchain data will be certified.

  • Consulting for the use of bitcoin.

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