We organize courses on site, full immersion courses for all staff, training and professional development for staff room - Improvements and optimization cuisine - Research and use of local products - Seminars and insights related to the kitchen - Consulting and courses for chef

Mediterranean cooking classes
Italian cooking courses
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Staff training room
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Courses for the management / management
cooking classes on site
Workshop full immersion
The courses can be arranged at your local or on premises equipped and are taught by certified professionals. For participation in the cooking classes is required basic knowledge. The courses allow you to give the staff, quickly, an emotional boost and a working method in line with the quality of the room.

chiefDuring on-site ice cream parlor for operators:
The quality of the ice cream is proportional to your sales .. Propose a unique ice cream!

chiefFull-immersion course knowledge wines:
Food and Wine pairing course throughout the dining room staff and managers.

chief8-hour course for the use of information technologies:
Basic course dedicated to the restaurant manager for the knowledge of information technology.

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During pairing Food and Wine
computer course

Course management applications

computer course

Courses in computer technology

marketing course

Marketing course for the restaurant

over ice cream

Gelateria course for professionals

wine pairing food

During pairing Food and Wine

During office for restaurateurs

Basic usage of Office to manage the restaurant

computer course

Course for Android and Iphone

The Italian cuisine in the world

We organize and we start new openings, we export the kitchen and Italian style in the world, forming on site kitchen staff and dining.

Italian products