orderman ncr

The intake system of the order

Orderman, the first system of radio ordering grip designed specifically for the restaurant, has revolutionized the market.

Orderman is the original from 1994 and defines the trends and innovations for handheld solutions for restaurants. No other manufacturer has more experience and can boast a number of solutions in greater quantities sold. And this is for good reason.


Since 1963, Pedrali, Experience and Future

Pedrali, established in 1963, offers to an international public satisfying the most varied needs, through the production of products conceived in the name of functionality and design.I products - 100% full Made in Italy - are manufactured in-house in our manufacturing facilities Mornico al Serio (Bergamo) and Manzano (Udine), due to the specialization of our production departments. Gallery Restaurant

isacco professional clothing

Isaac professional clothing

Isaac professional clothing manufactures uniforms, Supply and assistance to the most suitable choice of uniforms for Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Butchers, Bakeries, Pizza, Pub, Pastries.

Through our work we are able to ensure efficiency, flexibility and affordable by offering the best compromise between price-quality-service in the current market.


Automation of work

Design and put at the disposal of foodservice professionals tools to automate the manual work, to improve the results, to free labor for work most qualifying and reduce operating costs.
All the machines we manufacture is environmentally friendly.

mood media agency

Image and style

A team of professionals with expertise and timeliness. We are able to advise, create and package a solution to the needs of our customers. A structure where graphic designers, photographers, film makers, journalists, image consultants and computer technicians have the opportunity to work together to achieve an optimal level of service, so that you can manage and support both small and medium-sized and large companies at a competitive cost.

Let it

Wi-fi technology and app.

We offer to our customers as a partner of reference for the introduction of new technologies in the field of entertainment, catering and hospitality. Through the Wi-Fi networks in ways simple and safe through social networks, app specific for displaying the menu, receiving and order fulfillment services, phone cards and payment of bills, the best solutions for the online game .