Prendere atto dei propri errori è sempre difficile oltretutto spesso non si percepiscono nemmeno, constatarne la presenza è il primo passo verso il cambiamento quindi agite per non affidare la vostra attività alla sorte. Planet Restaurant può offrire un servizio di consulenza che si ripagherà da solo e accrescerà il volume d'affari allargandovi la visione ad una nuova imprenditorialità, quella degli anni a venire.

Studies and evaluations throughout Italy

The general management of a restaurant is to optimize and harmonize the whole system in order to have an exponential increase in the quality of services. Optimizing organizational efficiency because often the lowest economic offer does not make a difference as a distinctive and sophisticated offering. Today serves a separate proposal, built on customer needs.

planet restaurant

  • Implementation of new technologies

  • Courses on the use of acquisition comande

  • Using mobile systems

  • Automation and home automation wi-fi and gi-fi

  • Using the latest technology

  • Management of cash flow

  • Search for continuous improvement

  • management problems and complaints


  • SOS Restaurant

    Recovery program for restaurants "at a loss" or for activities with desire for improvement on existing situations. We provide know-how and positive impulses to the whole business making prosper.

  • Software & Hardware gestionale

    Management of commands with dedicated systems hardware and software. For small by today's reality app for the management of commands. Also in line with our philosophy, "small charge for maximum performance."

  • Marketing strategico

    When the restaurant is ready to welcome customers, marketing becomes crucial, we take care of traditional and electronic marketing since 1996 with specialization in tourism.

  • Social marketing & web

    As experts in the field of online communication will put all our experience to oversee and implement Web sites and social pages of impact. We will treat in detail and time placements and updates.

  • Design of interiors

    A restaurant is first of all the atmosphere, should trigger emotions. We create interior design, lighting and furniture making use of an architect.

  • Food Safety

    In the catering is increasingly important to ensure the customer food safety and traceability of products. New regulations and quality to raise the standard are the starting point of this service.

  • Change & amp; Training

    We train all staff so that it can manage themselves, the executive chef at until the hostess. For tables usually adopt the practical Italianate style, a simple, basic, quick and informal.

  • The key to the menu

    We have experience in food to a higher level, so our menus are successful. Our ingredients?
    a chef, availability, practicality, logic and imagination.

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