Products of culinary excellence selected and guaranteed for organoleptic qualities and production methodologies.

regional product of which I can assure the authenticity and the absolute quality.

Bettelmatt manufacturers

Consortium cheese producers Bettelmatt

Mountain cheese Bettelmatt

Bettelmatt is a mountain cheese-only summer production in raw cow's milk, coming from a single milking, semi-hard and semi-cooked and pressed, medium-aged.

Piennolo Campania Region
In the video "produced by Planet Restaurant" alp Crampiolo the farm, in the area of ​​the Natural Park Veglia-Devero. Manufacturer of Bettelmatt "Sangiatto"
farm Gioli

Farm Gioli

Via Palmiro Togliatti 37 80046
San Giorgio a Cremano NA
Tel. 39 338 635 6591

Tomato Piennolo Vesuvius PDO

The peculiarities of the "Tomato Piennolo Vesuvius PDO" are the high texture of the skin, the force attached to the stalk, the high concentration of sugars, acids and other soluble solids that make it a long-life during which none of the its organoleptic qualities undergoes alterations. These features are rooted in soil and climate typical of the geographical area in which the tomato is grown where soils of volcanic origin, consist of pyroclastic material originated from the eruptions of Somma-Vesuvius volcanic complex.

Piennolo Campania Region

The Three Pillars of olive oil DOP

Farm The Three Pillars

Headquarters op .: Cda Caldarola or Trinity s.n.
S.P. 107 Giovinazzo - Terlizzi 0,200 Km
70054 Giovinazzo (Bari) - Italy
Tel. 39 080 / 394.1570

Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP Terra di Bari

L 'Azienda Agricola The Three Pillars of Salvatore Stallone is located in the town of Giovinazzo, a small coastal town on the Adriatic coast about 18 km north of Bari with an area of ​​25 hectares, all in olive growing.

Az. Agr. Tre Colonne
the three columns coratina
The accounts of the farm

Cascina dei Conti

Via Pinerolo 44
10060 Osasco (TO)
Tel: 338 4712626 –

Cereal flours Piedmont

Immersed in the green plain pinerolese cultivate respect for nature cereals which then transformed, without odificarne quality and properties.

Flour Cascina accounts
stone mill
valtoppa goats

Farm Valtoppa

Via Giulio Pastore, 14
28886 Pieve Vergonte
Tel. 347 9848398 -

Goat Cheese Valtoppa

The farm Val Toppa of Pieve Vergonte produces all year fresh and aged goat cheeses. The cheeses, healthy and natural are obtained from pure goat milk, selected garments to get unique cheeses, as the Kremlin goat, the Capreggio, a particular cheese, similar to Taleggio. The Tometta vergontina, seasoned, fresh and stravecchia. The Rosalbino "small toma". They also produce, delicacies vergontine, soft cheese, (as the first salt) also flavored with rocket and chilli. Trade animals for breeding and reproduction, both living and slaughtered.

The farm produces goat cheese Val Toppa high quality, the products are characterized by aromas and flavors but balanced.

Company stamp with cee IT01 / 907

Valtoppa goats
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garlic voghiera DOP

Garlic Voghiera

The consortium production Garlic Voghiera involves about 45 manufacturers.
Viale Bruno Buozzi, 12 / b Voghiera (FE)

Garlic Voghiera DOP

Italian excellence that we want to promote through our business.

Consortium Garlic Voghiera DOP

The products that I select are chosen for production methods and product quality, for this I guarantee that the products included in this list belong to an elite with a just ethics and a deep love for the product.