Spoke on the internal and external structure of the restaurant. One of the qualities that a restaurant must ensure is related to the perception of the whole of the structure and should be treated carefully. Must make it exciting customer experience. Planet Restaurant deals with architecture and design of interiors and exteriors, even low cost solutions for new openings or to renovate old buildings no longer functional.

style restaurant
Design of interiors
space optimization
ristorante low cost
low cost solutions
classic and modern

Often with activity weighted by the action of the time just a few incisors and restyling to give a local connotation that goes right to reverse the negative trend on the quality perceived by the customer.

Design and studies of interior architecture to create atmosphere and comfort.
Optimizing the workspace to facilitate staff and space available to customers.

restaurants design

  • Furniture and interior design

  • Design lighting and color

  • Characteristic environments

  • Welcome and hygiene

  • Safety

  • Outside characterized

  • Furnishing systems

  • Quality 100% Italian

  • Search products and suppliers

  • Satisfaction monitoring

  • Research and improvement

  • Gestione globale