The menu is the soul of the restaurant, we know how important it is to propose unique dishes, in keeping with the style of the restaurant, maybe zero km, made with unique products, with the right cost / income ratio, in short, a winning menu.

Unique menu designed by our chef
Restaurants and typical menus
Restaurants and typical menus
Local products
Local products from Km 0
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Refined products

A voice that influences the choice of menu is that of suppliers who will be chosen with care and attention, preferring manufacturers km zero, so buying fresh produce in the respect of seasonality. We have contacts with selected local producers of cheeses, cold cuts and raw materials. With us you will have the quality of the real Made in Italy, regional and local best price.

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Menu and characterization of local

Analysis of sales data and purchase to streamline cash flow. Supervision and creation of menus suitable to the type of exercise to an exponential increase in the quality of services. Strategic menus and seasonal offers, automation and optimization of production processes, products to zero km and more.,it

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