From 2015 the first to offer the innovative formula of managemant on demand
in the quality catering sector.

With the prospect of failure are taken the most varied justifications in defense of their work especially if until yesterday things were going well. The most used excuse is to blame the customer, the customer is lacking above all. Remember that a customer is a customer stop, if he comes to you is because you can not offer him what he wants, so the problem is only ever due to incorrect handling. And tell me which customer? What is the target to which you speak? That character has your restaurant? Do you believe that today the restaurant is a place to eat?

If your trend is negative, it always will be, does not change by itself, does not even focus on the customer, hoping they arrive! Problem solving on demand is not a cost, it is an investment that will pay for itself in a short time, a service that will bring you back in the black, the only possible solution. Activities that do not work have the absolute need of outside intervention, a tune-up.

Few of you know actually what is marketing, very few know how to proceed in promoting their business. We limited copying of established designs, the initiatives made by others and that is why you feel the effect.
  • Market trends

  • Revive the activities in decline

  • Interior design class

  • Food & Beverage management

  • Training and management of staff

  • The novelty of the Ho.Re.Ca.

  • Understand and apply strategic marketing

  • Manage cash flows

  • The automation systems

  • Research and typical territorial

  • Menu strategic

  • Food Safety and HACCP

We accept requests to speak exclusively of medium / high-level tasks,
a discriminating form that allows us to address those who can understand the reality of our work.
Thus avoiding heavy loss of time on both sides.

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